As part of a project I’m currently working on, I’m exploring how to write about love and romance, sex and heartbreak, and considering what a ‘happy ending’ really means, when our lives are finite. Under the names Amy Barry and Tess LeSue I’m writing historical romantic adventure novels, which finish with traditional happy endings, while under the name Amy T Matthews I’m writing more complicated versions of happy endings. This film is one way in which I’ve tried to write about love. ‘Entangled’ has been shown at the Flinders University Creative Arts Symposium (July 2015) and at the JM Coetzee Centre for Creative Practice and Double Dialogue’s ‘Why Do Things Break?’ Symposium (October 2016). I wanted to post it here, so that it continues to have some kind of life in the world.

A scholarly paper, ‘Entangled: the exegetical practice of a romance writer’, was published in Arts in the Humanities in Higher Education and is a companion exegesis to this film.


Words: Amy T Matthews; Voice: Jonny Zweck; Music: Tim Koch; Editing: Dan McGuiness

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