End of the Night Girl


Molly, a sassy Australian waitress, is haunted by the ghost of a murdered Polish Jew. The two young women’s stories, each a compelling page-turner, combine teasingly in one as End of the Night Girl explores shadows cast by the Holocaust across decades, continents and cultures.

Winner, Best Unpublished Manuscript, Adelaide Festival Awards

Short-listed, Nita B Kibble Dobbie Award

Short-listed, Colin Roderick Award

Long-listed, The Australian/Vogel Literary Award

‘A brilliant testimonial to the power of the literary imagination.’ – Nicholas Jose

‘Clothed in prose that sparks and simmers, End of the Night Girl slowly reveals her dark and beautiful bones.’ – Carol Lefevre

‘Amy Matthews’ world of gritty realism is foreshadowed by an older, more traditional society about to be invaded by chaos and horror. One cannot help admiring Matthews’ accuracy of observation and her subtle placement of emotion in the uncovering of these parallel universes through the coalescence of memory and imagination. This is a remarkable novel of contemporary rootlessness, haunted histories and redemptive decency.’ – Brian Castro

‘Can atrocity be changed somehow in art? This book cannot answer this, but it powerfully suggests that the creative act is meaningful even when atrocity is too big for us to mould it. As Molly attempts to imagine and create from an atrocity she hasn’t shared, she herself is remade.’ – Eva Hornung

‘An addictive read, and an example of another fine Adelaide voice’ – Samantha Bond, Indaily

‘This is a debut novel from a writer already in control of her craft. I can’t wait to see what Matthews will write next.’ – Lisa Hill, ANZ LitLovers

‘I loved this novel.’ – Debbie Phillips, Chronicle

End of the Night Girl is an accomplished and memorable first novel from Amy T. Matthews … Bravo for this brilliant novel – the most engaging I have read for a while.’ – Debra Zott, Transnational Literature

‘There are many things that excite me about this book. It is fresh, unlike anything I have read for some time. It is original and its style is sinewy … The interest never wanes. I recommend this book without reserve.’ – Ian Lipke, M/C Reviews

‘Wonderfully challenging and brilliant novel.’ – Elizabeth Bondar, ReadPlus

‘… incredibly hard to put down and most addictive. You won’t stop until you’ve read the last word.’ – deareleanorzine

‘An outstanding first novel … Matthews’ first … and reveals, I believe, a writer of great promise. I would recommend this book to anybody who is looking for a compelling story which can be read with ease and which leaves one in a productive state of self reflection.’ – Susan Ballyn, Reviews in Australian Studies

End of the Night Girl is available at Amazon: https://amzn.to/3uWSUTd Dymocks: https://bit.ly/3oULDz8 Booktopia: https://bit.ly/3LHXnyQ And add on Goodreads: https://bit.ly/3H1v0rL

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